Why You Need a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Why You Need a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

You know a real estate Virtual Assistant is needed when this scenario happens to you too often.

After several months, you finally landed a meeting with one of the biggest developers in your state. He is planning to list some of his commercial and residential properties with you. While you are in the middle of the conversation, your cell phone starts ringing.

Even when you refuse to answer the call, every few minutes it keeps ringing or vibrating on silent mode.

Sales calls are part of the life of a real estate agent and so are receiving inquiries. Unless you can clone more of you, the best option is to hire a real estate Virtual Assistant.

Here are 5 reasons why you need a real estate Virtual Assistant:

De-clog Tasks and Responsibilities

As a real estate agent, you can have so many things on the agenda on any given day. Focus on the primary tasks and delegate non-essentials to your Virtual Assistant. These tasks include:

  • Phone handling
  • E-mail filtering
  • Calendar management
  • Appointment setting
  • Preparation of documents
  • Preparation of presentation materials

There are other tasks that you should outsource to your Virtual Assistant. But it is also not a good idea to overwhelm him or her. If needed, hire a second one to make sure everything is attended to promptly.

Organize Your Business

Once you have de-clogged your tasks, ask your Virtual Assistant to organize your business.

In real estate, transactions are covered by a variety of documentation depending on the state. Your Virtual Assistant can have these organized efficiently so that any document can be made available upon request.

The Customer Relationship Management or CRM is an important feature of the real estate business. It needs to be regularly updated so agents will know the status of each prospect and all of the latest information when needed.

Increase Your Productivity

Hiring a Virtual Assistant will have an immediate impact on your real estate business.

When your non-essential tasks have been delegated, you now have more time to focus on activities that are directly related to the business of selling real estate.

You can meet more clients and discuss business without being interrupted by calls. You will be more prepared because the Virtual Assistant can conduct market research and prepare your presentation materials.

  1. Convert Leads into Sales.
  2. Relieve Stress.
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