5 Valuable Tips in Assembling Your Virtual Team

If you’re planning to diversify your current business and venture into new markets or industries, the most cost and time efficient way is to assemble a virtual team. A virtual team is composed of virtual assistants each one tasked with a specific set of responsibilities related to the group’s purpose.

Here are 5 valuable tips on how to assemble a virtual team for your business:

1. Identify the Skills You Need

Before you start the recruitment process, you have to identify the skills you need for your outsourced service. For example, if you are planning to outsource Digital Marketing the skills should include:

  • Web Designer/ Developer
  • Graphics Designer
  • SEO Professional
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Writer

Once you have identified the skills, create an individual list of responsibilities for each position. The list will be used to draft their respective “Scope of Work”.

2. Hire a Project Manager

The first position you should hire is a Project Manager for a number of good reasons:

  • The Project Manager will assist you in assembling the virtual team.
  • Start building a strong relationship with the person who will be entrusted to manage your virtual team.
  • Capitalize on the experience of the Project Manager to fine tune your business.

In our previous example, the SEO Professional should be the Project Manager because his or her work carries over to the others. So among all the personalities, it should be the SEO Professional who has a firm understanding on the responsibilities of everyone else.

3. Set Up Job Posts

Create and set up job posts in various networks. Your initial objective is to acquire a list of candidates then slowly qualify them.

Make sure the job posts pose a challenge to the applicants. Here are a few tips on how to craft your job post:

  • Make it exceptionally long; as long as the network would allow.
  • Include a lot of details.
  • Use long, drawn out sentences and large paragraphs.
  • Add a key pre-submission instruction somewhere in the middle of the content.

You job post can help qualify the candidates by helping you determine which applicants read the instructions carefully and thoroughly.

4. Create a Short List of Candidates per Skill

Do not hire the first candidates who submit their applications per skill. Always create a short list of 4 to 5 candidates so you can have the benefit of making performance comparisons.

Check all of their papers thoroughly. It is very important that the candidates include references and copies of their portfolio. Do not treat these submissions only for show.

If contact numbers or e-mails are provided, make the effort to reach out to them. If website links are provided, check the authenticity of the sites.

5. Subject all Candidates to Thorough Testing

Lastly, make sure all of the candidates will be subjected to thorough screening and testing. These include the following:

  • Preliminary interview
  • Test on basic skills
  • Test on technical skills
  • Test on logic and reasoning

Since you are assembling a virtual team, include a group test in the qualifying process. Ask your Project Manager to work with different sets of teams for a paid limited engagement. The Project Manager will assess which ones are able to work well within a team setting.

A virtual team is a great way to expand your business. You can have the important tasks delegated to experienced and highly-skilled people while you shift focus on new business development.


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