5 Ways Hiring a Virtual Assistant can Jump Start Your Marketing

5 Ways Hiring a Virtual Assistant can Jump Start Your Marketing

Marketing is an integral component for every business. Without marketing, your sales team would have difficult time generating revenue. Many businesses understand the value of marketing but are hesitant to fund in-house operations because returns cannot be guaranteed. The best option is to hire a Virtual Assistant.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is cost effective because you only pay him or her per hours worked. They are not entitled to benefits and if the engagement does not produce significant results, it is easy to terminate the arrangement.

But most of all, virtual assistants can increase your productivity and quality of work simply because they have the experience, expertise and time to focus on the tasks you want accomplished.

For example, you want marketing to be consistent for your business. A Virtual Assistant can jump start marketing the following ways:

Manage Your Social Media

Social media is a powerful online marketing tool. It can create strong awareness on your product or service, build followers and highlight your expertise. But it needs time and effort. You have to regularly update content and information to remain consistent.

For example, you are planning to sell your home privately. A big part of going the For Sale By Owner or FSBO route is marketing.

A Virtual Assistant can set up an account for you at a reputable FSBO site and link it with your various social media accounts. The VA will regularly update its content from images to text. If there are inquiries, the VA will attend to them on your behalf.  

Frequently Publish Content

In order to remain relevant and visible, you must remain active online particularly in social media. Your followers would want to hear from you on a consistent basis.

The most effective marketing solutions are content- driven. You must be able to frequently publish blogs and articles that are relevant, usable and engaging to your audience.

There are virtual assistants who are also prolific writers and understand how to use keywords to optimize your content.

Build Your Network

In any business, you should always look to expand your network. These are connections and associations that could potentially help your business grow further.

Networking is a time- consuming task. You have to qualify each person that you plan to connect with. He or she must be related to your industry or linkages to your existing value chain.

A Virtual Assistant is experienced with networking. He or she knows how to qualify potential connections and draft customized invitations or introductory letters.

Engage with Your Followers

One of the most important tenets of online marketing is to respond within a reasonable time frame. A second important tenet is all responses; even those that are negative in tone, are valuable.

A Virtual Assistant will seek to issue a response within 24 hours from receiving the comment or inquiry. If the comment is unfavorable, trust that the VA will not argue but remain respectful in the response.

The VA appreciates that the person took the time to comment even if it was not to your favor. After all, the first step to building a relationship is engagement. A professional and courteous response is the best way to turn detractors into followers.

Generate Leads

The objective of online marketing is to generate leads. Successful social media, content marketing, Pay-Per- Click advertising and link building strategies will build inbound roads that lead to your website.

Leads are people who have been qualified as potential customers. They have already expressed some measure of interest in your value proposition. It saves time for your sales team and they can solely focus on moving these leads down the sales funnel.

Marketing is a process that takes time to yield significant results. You have to be consistent with it. Hiring a Virtual Assistant will ensure continuity of your marketing program. It is a low cost, high value option that has been proven to be effective in generating ROI.


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