4 Frequent Objections to Hiring Virtual Assistants

4 Frequent Objections to Hiring Virtual Assistants

Outsourcing services to virtual assistants is becoming a global phenomenon. More businesses are adapting outsourcing services as a mainstay business strategy and the Virtual Assistant is an important component. But for those who have given virtual assistants serious thought and hesitated, you are not alone. It is understandable that you have apprehensions to someone who works on the other side of your PC.

Here are the 4 frequent objections to hiring virtual assistants and how you should put the answers in perspective:

1. “What Tasks Will I Outsource to Them?”

Outside the place of work, hiring a Virtual Assistant is no different from hiring a Full-Time Employee or FTE. You have to know first why you are hiring before determining what to delegate.

If you are outsourcing work to virtual assistants for the first time, start out on a conservative note. Delegate non-essential tasks such as e-mail filtering, calendar management, appointment setting, phone handling and limited correspondence until such time you become confident with your Virtual Assistant.

2. “Nothing Beats Shared Space Collaboration”

This objection may hold weight 10 years ago as the Internet was slowly gaining popularity.

Today, you have a host of online tools and programs that will make shared space collaboration easier and more effective. Here are some of the programs available online:

  • Project Management – Asana, Bitrix-24, SalesForce
  • File Sharing – DropBox, Accellion
  • Communication – Skype, Slack, Viber

You can even use social media. For example, create a closed group in Facebook and use it as a forum to communicate with members.

3. “I Can’t Trust anyone when it comes to my Business”

Whether you hire an FTE or a VA, you have to accept one harsh reality: you cannot do everything yourself. It’s less a question of trust than it is a matter of effective time management.

By hiring a Virtual Assistant, you will be able to allocate more time to handle the activities that translate to more dollar and cents for your business. Besides, trust is not a value you give openly. It takes time for anyone to develop trust whether in the real world or the virtual world.

4. “Dealing with Social, Cultural and Language Issues is a Waste of Time”

This is a common objection for business owners who are thinking of hiring virtual assistants from remote locations like the Philippines, India or Brazil.

First off, there is a reason why these countries are leading the world in global outsourcing. Yes, there are significant cost advantages to be realized but more than that the quality of work is world class. If you study the history of outsourcing, many point out to the success between Silicon Valley’s ventures with IT companies in India as the jump off point.

Meanwhile, the Philippines which boasts of a 98% literacy rate and the number 1 ranking in business English according to GlobalEnglish has its outsourcing industry growing by 20% every year.

It does not take much to understand the culture. Research online, watch videos and talk to Filipinos, Indians or Brazilians in their local communities. It will be time well-spent.

The best way to know if outsourcing services to virtual assistants is for your business is to give it a try. Start out with one Virtual Assistant and take it from there. Your first small step may lead to a big leap for your business.


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