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Villa Finders Costa Calida is a realtor in Costa Calida, Spain that finds amazing villas for investors and homeowners.

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We offer a wide assortment of properties in Costa Calida against the best costs available.

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About Villa Finders Costa Calida

Villa Finders Costa Calida is an adaptable and expert Real Estate office in the Costa Calida south of Spain. Villa Finders Costa Calida has the by two individuals who have earned their stripes in this district of Spain throughout the most recent 10 years and have ended up being effective in what they do, particularly in light of the fact that we can let you know from the begin what you can anticipate from us! Our multilingual staff will dependably do their most extreme best to help you with your inquiries, on the off chance that they are offering, purchasing, money related or legal matters.

We work for you and dependably put your interests in the first place, fitting our support of addressing your issues. We are with you at all times, purchasing or offering a property. We offer to home purchasers a simple and straightforward method for finding and buying their optimal property by utilizing our site to speak specifically with our customers. As a client, you can mostly seek our arrangement of more than 5,000 properties, pick the properties you are occupied with and ask for more data. You can even book a survey arrangement on the web. Our customers are not subjected to high weight offering and are under no commitment to purchase. We expect to make your home-purchasing background as simple and as straight forward as could be expected under the circumstances giving you a fair, well disposed and dependable administration at all times.

When you have bought your property, we likewise using a full free Aftersales administration. See with your own eyes by talking things over with one of our group. You can get in touch with us by telephone or email, or you can visit one of our workplaces. As a matter of first importance, we're here to help you.

On the off chance that you have any inquiries kindly don't delay to get in touch with us either by email by means of our contact form or by phone.

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Top 5 Traits Clients Will Be Looking for in their Virtual Assistant in 2017

Top 5 Traits Clients Will Be Looking for in their Virtual Assistant in 2017

2017 figures to be another big year for the Virtual Assistant. In 2016, more and more businesses contracted the services of virtual assistants. In fact, the largest companies in the United States has been integrating virtual assistants into the work force since 2014.

It is estimated that by 2020, more than 50% of US workforces will be composed of virtual assistants or home- based workers.

But just because business is hiring does not mean landing clients will be as easy as picking up daisies. Given the greater degree of involvement and responsibility virtual assistants have in business, expect clients to be more selective in the qualifying process.

Here are the top 5 traits clients will look for in a Virtual Assistant in 2017:

Self- Motivated. If you work from home, the client expects you to be more responsible with accomplishing your tasks.

You no longer have to deal with the inconvenience of the daily commute. You are no longer subject to office politics. You save more money.

These welcome changes should motivate you to perform better so you can build a successful, rewarding and dependable career as a Virtual Assistant.

Accountable. Business owners and companies are looking for leaders in 2017. They want people who are willing to take accountability for the decisions they make and the actions they take. Without accountability, it is difficult to progress forward.

A person who does not want to account for his actions will never make the decisions that matter. In the virtual world, in the absence of shared space collaboration, the Virtual Assistant must be willing to take charge of his or her areas of responsibility.

High Level of Technical Proficiency. Technology will continue to evolve in 2017. New programs and gadgets will be introduced. If your business wants to be competitive, you should be able to understand the new technology.

But if you are technologically challenged, it would be best to hire a Virtual Assistant who isn’t. Technology evolves to introduce greater efficiency. You need to integrate new technology into your business so you can survive and thrive.

Great Communication Skills. One of the challenges in the virtual world is communication. Even with the latest technology, there will always be obstacles to clear cut communication.

Perhaps it is because the virtual world creates new filters that diminishes its effectiveness. People may feel “safe” or “confident” working from the other side that he or she sees no urgency in clarification.

But mistakes can be costly and these often arise from misunderstandings. In 2017, the Virtual Assistant must have better communication skills and should not hesitate to seek clarification especially on key matters.

Highly Professional. It should go without saying that you should always conduct yourself as a professional every time you work with clients.

But given the large number of virtual assistants in the industry, conduct may distinguish you from everyone else.

Professional conduct includes the following:

  • Being punctual
  • Courtesy
  • Respectful
  • Timely with deadlines
  • Reliable
  • Responds immediately

Do not get complacent just because you know there is great demand for virtual assistance services. On the contrary you should work harder and represent your profession in the best way possible.

Why You Should Outsource Content Marketing to Virtual Assistants

Why You Should Outsource Content Marketing to Virtual Assistants

Content marketing is one of the most heavily outsourced services to virtual assistants. This is because businesses have not allocated enough funds to support an in-house content marketing team.

According to a study by Marketo, businesses only allocate on average 26% of their budget to content marketing which may not be sufficient to support all of the required functions and activity.

Content marketing is also considered a specialized task which does not fall under the core competencies of many companies.

Thus, outsourcing content marketing to virtual assistants remains the most viable option for a number of reasons:

Lower Costs. In the same study by Marketo, it was revealed US companies which fund in-house content marketing departments spend anywhere from US$10,000 for a company of 10 employees to US$182,000 if the company employs over 1,000 people.

The median salary of a content writer from the US is estimated to be US$40,000 or US$3,333 per month. By outsourcing content writing to a Virtual Assistant, you can lower your costs significantly because you only pay for productive hours.

For example, if the Virtual Assistant charges $10 per hour and works 20 hours per week, your total expense in fees would only amount to US$800 per month.

Consistency. Let’s assume for argument’s sake that you have the requisite skills for a Content Writer. Would you allocate 2 to 4 hours, 5 days a week writing content?

The pragmatic answer should be an emphatic “No!” Why? You are the business owner. Your time is best allocated to functions that demand your attention. These are the ones that increase the size of your bank account.

Effective content writing requires consistency. You have to stick to a writing schedule which includes research, coming up with drafts, edits and proof reading.

Content writing also needs consistency in distribution. Your Virtual Assistant can schedule its publication through your social media networks and related community blog sites.

Leave content writing in the capable hands of a Virtual Assistant and focus on areas that need your time and focus.

Quality. Now let’s assume the opposite, you don’t have the ability to write great content. The question here is: Would you allocate time in the day to learn how to write great content?

Again, the answer should be an emphatic”No!” Why? Again, your time as valuable and is best served where it will generate revenues for the business.

Content writing is not just about having the ability to write. You should be able to write content that is fresh, unique, relevant and engaging enough to compel readers into action.

Further, you have to learn how to use keywords to make your content searchable.

Knowledge is important and there will be a time and place to learn new skills.

If you want your business to gain traction, content marketing is the way to go. And if finances are tight, outsourcing content marketing to virtual assistants will be your best option.

By outsourcing content marketing work to virtual assistants you can stay on your budget and be assured of the consistency and quality of work.


Improve Business Efficiency by Hiring a Virtual Assistant

If you’re an entrepreneur who feels 24 hours isn’t enough time in a day to run a business, here’s a tip: hire a Virtual Assistant.

The amount of time you spend on your business isn’t proof that you are managing your enterprise well. Quantity will not automatically translate to dollars and cents in your bank’s coffers. But quality of time will.

Success is always measured by productivity and productivity is a by-product of quality time.

If you do an accounting of the amount of time you have in a day, you probably have fewer than 15 hours available for productive work. It will be less if you have family and have children to take care of.

The good news is you don’t need 15 productive hours to become successful. In the first place, that goal is unrealistic and difficult to attain. If you can identify 3 to 4 crucial, revenue- generating or cost saving tasks you can accomplish every day, your day will already be exponentially productive.

Studies show that productivity begins to decline after 90 minutes. So if you allocate 90 minutes per task, you only need 4 and ½ hours to accomplish 3 tasks every day.

If you add 30 minutes of rest after each task, that is only 6 hours of work per day. In this case, even rest is productive because it recharges you for the next task.

Now by hiring a Virtual Assistant, you will 100% increase your productivity even further. How? Let us count the ways:

Delegate Non- Essential Tasks. Transfer administrative tasks such as phone handling, e-mail filtering, calendar management and appointment setting to your Virtual Assistant. You will never miss opportunities and the VA will find ways to fit in important meetings to your schedule.

Re-Align Cost Savings. Hiring a Virtual Assistant will generate cost savings. You don’t pay the VA benefits and the VA is responsible for his or her cost of business.

Hiring a regular employee will cost you at least 40% more in terms of total compensation and incremental expenses.

You can use the cost savings to fund other projects such as marketing and promotion or product development to increase the prospects of profitability.

Audit Your Tech Profile. Virtual assistants are well- versed in technology. Over the course of their experience, they have managed many clients and have used different forms of technology.

Do not hesitate to ask your Virtual Assistant for advice or suggestions on how to improve your technological profile. Technology evolves to make life and work more efficient.

Having the right frameworks and processes in your system will not only save you more money but improve output as well.

This brings us to the fourth and most overlooked benefit which may probability be the most important on this list.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant will increase your business efficiency simply because it will give you time to take off and recharge your batteries. Entrepreneurs are so obsessed with quantity of time that they forget the value of rest and relaxation.

Taking a few days; even weeks, off work will not shut down your business. You just need to stay in touch with your virtual assistants a few days during the week to keep you updated on work developments.

By the time you get back to work, you will be refreshed and revitalized. You will be able to perform your tasks with greater clarity and focused energy.

How a Virtual Assistant can Change Your Life

How a Virtual Assistant can Change Your Life

The Virtual Assistant has been credited with turning around the fortunes of many businesses. If you want proof read up on the success stories of Tim Ferris, Michael Hyatt and Pat Flynn. These are all entrepreneurs who were able to build highly successful businesses by using virtual assistants.

If you read further into their life stories, hiring virtual assistants more than just improved the profitability of their businesses. The decision to bring virtual assistants into the fold also changed their lives.

If you are an entrepreneur who feels like he is living for work not working to make a living, then stop what you’re doing. Consider a few ways hiring a Virtual Assistant can change your life.

Have more time with those who matter the most. Why do you put in the time and effort to succeed in your business? For many entrepreneurs, the answer is to provide food on the table and money to pay the bills.

However if you get caught up with your goals, you may overlook your purpose. It’s good to have the sense of responsibility to take care of those you love. But it’s even better to share your time with those you love.

For sure your children, spouse, parents, siblings and close friends would appreciate you more if you could spend more time with them.

By delegating work to your Virtual Assistant, you will have more time to spend with your loved ones.

Remember, time lost can never be found.

Take a vacation. If you haven’t taken a vacation the last 2 years, you may be enjoying great success but chances are, you haven’t lived out your life.

A vacation is one of the best ways to recharge your batteries and enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you have family and have children between the ages of 7 and 12, it is the best time to take them to the happiest places on earth.

Sure a vacation can be expensive. But you can plan and save up for it. Figure out where you want to go and set aside money every month to cover all of your expenses and then some.

The memories alone will be worth it!

Once your Virtual Assistant has become more proficient with the current set of tasks, introduce new ones that entail greater responsibility. Then hire another VA who can take over the first VA’s original set of tasks.

Manage Stress. In the United States, Australia and most countries, stress remains the number one killer.

Stress can lead to many debilitating conditions and illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, Type II diabetes, strokes, high blood pressure and certain forms of cancer.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant relieves you of the stress of having to manage non- essential tasks. It also allows you to allocate 1 to 2 hours a day for exercise which is the best way to manage stress.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant will not only benefit your business. It will also benefit your life.

Realize that a good life is not all about having money. It is about experiencing everything life has to offer and living it to the fullest.

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